Our story has begun in 2012, Plugit started as an EV Charger installation company. Moving forward in 2019 we have successfully transformed into a technology company with our own Cloud for Charger Management, Mobile app, an expert team of engineers & developers, EV gurus and most trusted partner from top European brands in EV charging.

Our goal is simple, building an efficient EV charging network to make driving EV easier & worry-free. Our aim is to provide a reliable charging network in Finland & beyond by working directly with car dealers, businesses & cities.

Driving the Change

With our cutting-edge technology and 70% market share, Plugit is Finland’s biggest name in electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure. Our brand is entrusted by thousands of EV owners, OEMs, Businesses and local authorities. We provide white level charging solution to meet your specific needs, whether you are in individual EV owner or Business interested in investing in Future of mobility.
We are always working towards creating innovative ways to charge by providing White level Hardware, Smart cloud for Charger management, Expert consulting, strategic site visit & 24/7 customer service. Also, we design, build and maintain high power charging units for Vehicle fleets and commercial charging.

After our success in Finland, we took the technology beyond national borders. Our success has touched the international border as we have expanded our operation in Norway, Iceland, Singapore & other APAC countries.