An EV charging point - a worthwhile investment for the company

Electric transport is on the increase, bringing with it new opportunities for companies to be seen in a positive light. Plugit can help take full advantage of the opportunities that electric transport brings – a charging point is a worthwhile investment.

Over the past few years, the volume of electric transport in Finland has grown at a rate of over 100% per year. New plug-in vehicles are coming onto the market continuously, and today there are over 40 different models.

Homes, offices, shopping centres and other properties – the possibilities to charge electric vehicles will gain in importance in all of these locations. A company can for example provide employees or visitors with the possibility to charge their vehicle.

New charging places get a lot of attention: companies investing in them are noticed, not only in social ​media, but also in traditional media.

The top 3 reasons to select Plugit as your charging systems partner

  1. A specialist, service-oriented partner – everything there is to know about charging, 24/7
  2. Extensive experience - we have a portfolio of thousands of charging points
  3. Customisability of delivery - from single chargers to turnkey charging system projects

With the increasing number of electric vehicles on the roads, the amount of public charging points is continually growing. The cost to the charging service provider of one charging event is comparatively low, however – just 0.50 euro (approx.).

New to Plugit’s portfolio of services in Finland is paid charging through the minimal-cost EasyPark app

It’s this easy to do business with Plugit:

  1. Contact us.
  2. We’ll tell you how to arrange ​charging at different kinds of properties.
  3. If you require, we can carry out a survey of the charging possibilities for your specific premises.
  4. We give recommendations for a charging system that suits your requirements
  5. We help develop your company’s charging services for company personnel and visitors.
  6. We act as your expert partner.

Take advantage of investment support for charging points – we will guide you

The Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment aims to subsidise corporate investments in public charging points in Finland during 2017-2019. The subsidy, amounting to 30% for normal charging points, and will be granted only for so-called smart charging systems. As your project partner, Plugit will handle the whole process – from application for subsidy right through to completed charging device system.

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