PlugIt Specialist Services

Our specialist services begin from the charging system survey and continue right through to special training and consulting.

Survey and planning services

Our survey service includes a visit to the site to assess electrotechnical facilities, cost calculations and system/device recommendations. It should be noted that at the outset, the charging system investment is made for a need, the results of which are proven through the back-end system.

All our recommendations are founded on implementing a system which meets the needs of the customer.

Training and consulting services

We provide training services for the consumer, for car sales personel as well as for design professionals. Our expertise in the development of chargeable vehicles and charging solutions on the market enables us to offer extensive training and consulting services.

The smartness in vehicles and charging devices, and the data transfer between them, makes the industry interesting and also quite unique, which means that reviously-used definitions are not always valid.

Our substantial, extensive practical experience in the industry brings important added value to our customers.

PlugIt Finland provides services for the consumer as well as for country-wide operators, covering the needs of the whole industry.

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