Servicing and Maintenance Services

Regular servicing and maintenance of the devices guarantees the efficient operating capacity of the charging system.

It is a good idea to carry out periodical maintenance on the charging devices regularly, either every six months or once a year, depending on the application and place of installation. Through regular servicing, possible repair work, which can end up being quite costly, can be avoided. Regular servicing is a condition on the guarantee in the case of some of the chargers. PlugIt Finland offers regular maintenance services on all the charging devices it supplies.

All maintenance that is carried out, faults observed, and failures that have occured are recorded in the PlugIt IoT Cloud back-end system.

​The periodical maintenance of the charging device is carried out by a trained professional
​The periodical maintenance of the charging device is carried out by a trained professional

Elements of the maintenance service

Remote control

The majority of problems with chargers can be solved through remote control. The smart charger has similar capabilities to those of a computer, that communicates with the back-end system. The device sends data on status and events, and also receives commands in connection with its operations from the back-end system

When selecting a charging device, it is recommended to consider the remote control features of the device. Among the remotely controllable functions are e.g. regular testing of safety components, and software updates.

Periodical maintenance and servicing of faults

The seamless operation of a charging service is a must, both for the owner and for the user - and a professional maintenance partner is essential. Regular servicing ensures the continuous operation of the device.
During the periodical maintenance, the safety and proper functioning of the charger are checked. The required electrotechnical measurements are carried out on the device, and the charger's functioning is tested, either on an electric vehicle or on a vehicle-simulating testing device. The maintenance also includes the testing of all possible authentication methods available (RFID, NFC, SMS or application) and data transfer from the device to the back-end system. The regular servicing is carried out by a party authorised by the supplier of the charging device.
It is recommended to have possible faults repaired without delay. Fault situations are usually detected via the back-end system or from user feedback. In servicing the charging device, it may not only be a question of a fault with the charger: the operations of the different vehicles in the charging situation should also be taken into account. Certain faults may only occur on certain vehicles. In order to avoid unnecessary maintenance visits, we at PlugIt invest in expertise in charging devices and also in specialist knowledge of chargeable vehicles.

Customer service

An expert customer service is an important part of maintenance services. Specialist knowledge of charging devices and also of chargeable vehicles connects the expertise both of the maintenance staff and of customer services. Most of the enquiries received by customer services have to do with the user, whereby the quality of the charging service offered is closely comparable to the functionality of customer services.

​Our customer services staff serve both the users and the owners of the charging point.

Do you require an expert maintenance partner for your charging device? Contact us!

The first stage of the project is implementation of the charging system. The need for maintenance begins even before the first person arrives at the charging point to charge their vehicle, and continues as long as the charging point is in operation.

Not only maintenance costs, but also and above all quality of service, can be affected by selecting the right charger. When the charger is equipped with good remote control features, the professional maintenance partner can offer first-class servicing to the owner and users of the charging device.

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