General information about EV charging

Basic information and instructions for charging electric vehicles.

Charging is an important, fundamental part of electric mobility. The basic information about EV charging is easy to take on board.

Ask about EV charging

The PlugIt hotline – Ask about EV charging

Call PlugIt with your questions about EV charging on +358 (0)207 350 330 (phone charges 0.088 €/min).

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General information about EV charging

Types of charging plugs for electric vehicles

There are different types of charging plugs for chargeable vehicles. Type 1 is used in American (US) and Japanese vehicles, and Type 2 in European vehicles.

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Charging your EV

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Selecting a charging device

Our aim at ​Plugit is for each customer to find a charging device suitable for their needs. We will be happy to advise you on your choice of device.

Five top tips for selecting the right domestic charging device for your EV

When selecting a domestic charging device for your electric vehicle (EV), there are certain factors to be considered, among them make and model of vehicle, electrical resources of your property, and features of the device. Check out Plugit’s five top tips!

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The charging cable for an electric vehicle should be selected according to the make and model of vehicle.

Top tips for selecting the right charging cable for an electric vehicle

What type of cable is suitable for your car? Read Plugit’s top tips.

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The EV charging device is always selected case by case, according to the customer's needs and suitability for the property.

Domestic charging device selected per case

The EV charging device is selected individually case by case, according to the customer's needs, and to suit the property in question.

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Why purchase a fixed EV charging device?

When choosing an EV charging device that is to be installed in a permanent location, make sure it is of a type that can be fixed in place, and is approved by the car manufacturer. An approved charging device is safe for the car, for the user and for the property.

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Safe charging

Lataustapakartoituksessa varmennetaan, että vakituinen latauspaikka täyttää niille Suomessa asetetut määräykset ja ohjeistukset.

The charging method survey - safe charging assured

With a charging method survey you can charge your EV safely and easily

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Behind every EV charging device there is a fault current guard for personal protection, which protects the user in case of possible fault situations and in case of damage to the cable or charging plug.

Chargeable vehicles and electrical safety

As with all domestic appliances in general, it is important to pay attention to electrical safety when charging your electric vehicle, too.

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Public EV charging points in Finland

Plugit's comprehensive map service shows the public charging points around Finland. You can find the charging points according to car make and model or charging method.

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EV charging at a detached/one-family house

EV charging at home

EV charging from a fixed charging device is safe, easy and fast.

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EV charging at a housing company

Sähköauton lataaminen onnistuu myös taloyhtiöissä. Kuva: Jarno Kylmänen

Electric vehicles at a housing company

The EV user should arrange vehicle charging in advance with the housing company.

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