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At PlugIt Finland we are fully driven by a commitment to advancing EV charging technology, high-standard customer service and an environmentally better future. We want to offer our customers the opportunity to become familiar with electric transport and the latest technologies around them. Please contact us with your questions!

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Kirsi Ruohonen
+ 358 44 752 6911

PlugIt Finland's electric transport experts are ready and willing to assist you in all matters concerning EV charging.

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Sales & Marketing

Topi Aaltonen
Director of Sales and Marketing
+35846 810 1684

Esko Paalasmaa
Senior Advisor
+35840 510 7003

Harri Nieminen
Sales Manager
+35846 863 0776

Timo Oikarinen
Sales Manager
+35846 149 7905

Otto Kahra
Key Account Manager
+35840 512 7363

Zahed Shakil
Marketing & Sales
+358 50 4776449

Customer Service

Marianna Piippola
Customer Service Manager
+35840 512 7575


Tommi Saarela
Chief Executive Officer
+35840 505 8940

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