EV charging solutions

PlugIt supplies all devices and services required for electric vehicle charging. Our experts will be happy to help you create a workable charging system solution, from the planning stage right through to maintenance.

An EV charging point - a worthwhile investment for the company

Electric transport is on the increase, bringing with it new opportunities for companies to be seen in a positive light. Plugit can help take full advantage of the opportunities that electric transport brings – a charging point is a worthwhile investment.

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Illustration of a charging station,. The charging system is complete when it includes the intelligence offered by the back-end system. The charging devices are equipped with decal displaying the company's brand, as appropriate.

Electric vehicle charging system

​The electric vehicle (EV) charging system is a solution which, in addition to the actual charging station, includes the back-end system and the data it generates.

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Charger for electric vehicles

EV Chargers are selected according to the need in a location. The chargers available for different purposes can be found below.

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The back-end system allows the monitoring of e.g. the energy consumption of the charging sytem per location, and the reduced CO2 emissions. The average costs and duration of the charging event can be followed, too.

The back-end system - a summary of the charging event

PlugIt offers a back-end system, specially designed for charging devices, which allows the user to take full advantage of the smart charger.

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​The periodical maintenance of the charging device is carried out by a trained professional

Servicing and Maintenance Services

Regular servicing and maintenance of the devices guarantees the efficient operating capacity of the charging system.

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PlugIt Specialist Services

Our specialist services begin from the charging system survey and continue right through to special training and consulting.

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