Charger for electric vehicles

EV Chargers are selected according to the need in a location. The chargers available for different purposes can be found below.

Domestic charging devices for charging at home include the features required for home charging. Efficiency, user friendliness and safety are thus of key importance. When selecting a charging device for public or semi-public use, it is worth paying attention to the capacity of the device to communicate, with the aid of which to remote control properties, maintenance costs and user authentication, in addition to the abovementioned features.

EV charging devices - general

When selecting an EV charger, the application of the device should be taken into account - thus the right charger can be selected for the right place.

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The EV charging device is always selected case by case, according to the customer's needs and suitability for the property.

Domestic charging device selected per case

The EV charging device is selected individually case by case, according to the customer's needs, and to suit the property in question.

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Ensto Chago charging devices

The Chago devices we offer include excellent remote control features, and special attention has been paid to minimise life cycle costs and ease of maintainability.

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